Friday, 21 October 2011

Factors that Determined Complaints Against Crescent Processing Company

One complaint that people often have against Crescent Processing Company is that it does not pay its independent sales agents properly. Some say that the company does not pay the correct dues for its employees, and they even claim that payments were often given on a late schedule. There should be a further study on payment methods and processes between the company and their employees.

First, when a person agrees to be an independent sales agent for the company, he or she receives a laptop. This laptop is a necessity; it is where all the information that the sales agent needs out on the field is stored. For security reasons on the side of the company, sales agents are required to do a deposit of 0 for the laptop.

You may choose to pay up the whole 0 or you may pay it little by little. It would be easier for the sales agents to choose the option of paying an amount of that will be deducted from the first few sales. Therefore, the amounts of the 12 sales are always lacking with as deposit partial payments.

There may be an existing misunderstanding on this particular concept, especially during the first salary payments for the sales agents. Some agents would also suggest having the laptop as a choice for the agents themselves. However, the company chooses to provide laptops to its agents instead of letting them use their own because of security reasons; all merchant sign-ups and transactions are done through the laptops for easier tracking for the merchants’, agents’, and company’s protection.

One more complaint usually handled by Crescent Processing Company is the checks payments done on a late schedule already. Other agents would also complain why the payments are given late. They are questioning why their checks do not arrive on time.

The next big question is whether the company really delays the payment intentionally. A lot of agents have experienced such thing, what is behind all these? This kind of question requires further observations.

When sales agents successfully generate a sale, they naturally will receive a commission for this. Within 1 or 3 days, the commissions earned by the agent are expected to directly arrive for him or her. But, the agents don't know that Crescent Processing Company takes more time in making sure that the right commission amounts are given to them.

When people sign up to be independent sales agents of the company, the payment process is explained to them. The payments will be started for its processing after an amount of time needed. Once the sales done by agents are final and merchants already activated their account, they can then have the right to demand for the processing of the payment.

The options for the deduction methods for the laptop are then misunderstood by a lot of agents even if this is also stressed out earlier. Through this, they would often results to a persistent way of asking why the checks are delayed or insufficient. It should be noted, however, that processing of agents’ commissions upon the date of the merchant’s activation is standard operating procedure for the company; thus, the “delays” are really not delays.

By looking into the details on how Crescent Processing Company conducts its business and deals with its sales agents and merchants, it is easy to see that these complaints about payment deduction and payment delay are not true. The failure to understand how the system works is the reason for all these. Learning about the process will prevent people from believing such complaints.

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